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Green energy power solutions for your businesses

Tata Power Solar has worked with most of the large organizations in the world to provide green energy solutions for your business.

As more and more businesses take notice of their environmental impact, reducing the damage they are causing to the planet is becoming a priority. Tata Power Solar's green energy solutions are helping businesses to transform themselves into an environmentally responsible business while also cutting their energy costs through the installation of renewable technologies.

From site surveys, installation to the lifetime maintenance of the plant, we have an incredible track record in providing power solutions that meet any requirement from an organization.

Solar power is a cleaner, faster-to-build and cost-effective alternative energy solution to coal and diesel based power.

Our Landmark Projects

3 MW Solar Power Plant – Noamundi, Jharkhand

  • 1st Solar PV Power Plant in the iron ore mine in the country
  • The project will help reduce CO2 emission by about 3000 tonnes per annum
  • Designed on 19 acres of land at an elevated reclaimed mining hill with ample undulations and a very rocky terrain
  • Natural Ecosystem maintained on the site
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3 MW Solar Power Plant – Andhra Sugars

  • Number of modules: 12,000
  • Estimated Energy Generation: 4.05 million units annually
  • CO2 displacement: 2835 tonnes annually
  • Low break-even period: Around 6 years
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2.5 MW Solar Power Plant – Ultra Tech Cement

  • Number of modules: 12,000
  • Distributed over 25 plant sites located in 5 states
  • Custom design to suit difficult site conditions
  • Parallel execution across multiple locations
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10 MW Solar Power Plant – Jindal Aluminum Limited

  • Number of modules: 48,000
  • Carbon footprint reduced 14,000 tonnes/year
  • Plant produces over 18,000 MWh (more than 10 million units) of power per year, powering over 70,000 Indian homes
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