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Solar Microgrids

Powering remote locations for a happier tomorrow

Tata Power Solar provides custom solutions to power remote regions that might be cut off from regular electric grids. Installing microgrids in such areas ensures access to green power.

A typical solar microgrid can range from 1 kW to several megawatts.

For a village of 100 homes, a 4 kW microgrid is sufficient.

A 4 kW plant helps generate electricity worth Rs.33,000 per year.

How does a Solar Microgrid work?

The microgrid and battery bank are connected to a computer for local power usage monitoring. With the addition of a modem, this information can be accessed from a remote location, eliminating the need for local manpower to monitor the system.

Unique programs in collaboration with the Government by Tata Power Solar

Tata Power Solar takes pride in working with the Government. We have commissioned a range of benchmark projects for organizations to design and deploy solar power solutions for specific needs.

Thousands of villages have power for at least 6 hours a day – thanks to an increasing number of solar electrification schemes by the Government and other organizations.

1 MW Solar Microgrids – Ladakh, India

  • 86 micro grids of 5kWp-115kWp
  • Over 15,000 home lighting systems were installed across 300 villages
  • CO2 displacement of over 3000 tonnes annually
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100+ Solar Microgrids – CREDA, Chhattisgarh, India

  • Over 400 villages with 10,000+ installations
  • Generating over 14,000 kWh of energy annually
  • Touched the lives of over 10,000 people residing in the Chhattisgarh forests
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110 kW Solar Microgrid – Sundarbans, West Bengal, India

  • Custom designed battery bank for prolonged back up during cloudy weather
  • Empowering communities - Over 2000 families have access to clean electricity
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35 kWp Solar Microgrid – Hanle Observatory, near Leh in Ladakh, India

  • India’s highest telescope powered by Tata Power Solar
  • Designed for extreme weather conditions
  • Uninterrupted access to a reliable source of power
  • Savings in cost due to no fuel transport
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Solar Powered RO Systems

The need for solar water purifier

Do you know 25% of the Indian population is not grid-connected and an additional 30% with limited connectivity?

A solar powered RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UF (Ultra Filtration) plant is a boon for rural India since it makes safe drinking water available without dependency on intermittent / no electricity connectivity. A solar powered water purifier solution can help provide latest water cleansing technologies in remote and rural India.

Advantages of Solar Powered RO Systems
  • Our solar powered water purifier systems are designed to run with / completely independent of electricity supply as compared to typical water pumps that run on diesel or grid, or both.
  • Our solutions use the latest technologies of RO or UF for multiple input water quality ranges.
  • We offer automatic as well as manual water dispensing options.